Production Designer


Director Charlotte Sachs Bostrup

I have had the pleasure of working with Trine on several of my projects throughout the years.

She is an incredibly skilled and stylish Production Designer with a sharp eye for both the detail and the whole.

She is an inspiring and creative (sparring)partner, who won’t give up until she has found the heart of the story and given it a personal, real and original touch.

She master the contemporary and the historical, and has a strong sense for the visualization of environments and characters.

I can highly recommend her.


Director Niels Nørløv Hansen

Trine possess a peculiar ability to make nothing look like a million.

She transits her good spirits to the people around, and she masters the detail in the picture as well as the whole in the story.

She works like a horse, adds her good taste to the movie and gives her director conducive feedback – and she takes responsibility!


Line Producer Louise Birk Petersen

I have worked together with Trine on 4 feature film.

Besides that I find the visual fun and make it a priority, as a Line Producer I am very consumed with the film being resolved within the confinements of the budget, which are relevant on that particular film.

Trine does that! Trine controls this and I have never experienced any economical surprises after a film with her.